Living with Robots

Robots are certainly unique business associates.

They always show up on time, are very good at IT and get a charge out of the littlest things. 

They are also very good at getting attention in public.

Company founder, John Anderson, is an industry innovator. He knows how to use robots to help clients bring attention to their products and businesses.

With over three decades of experience he has used his expertise with robots performing at:

  • trade shows
  • sales meetings
  • store openings
  • hospitality functions

Traveling across the United States and abroad, John has appeared before a variety of audiences including business leaders, celebrities, royalty and consumers.  The ability to interact in a professional and creative way, no matter who the audience, is what makes BreakAway Communications one of the most successful promotional robot companies in the world.

John Anderson and friends

John believes "It's not enough to simply be an entertaining performer.  Your focus must be as a business communicator who understands the client's message and can effectively deliver it in a humorous, captivating manner."

"The technology is responsible for attracting attention, but it's the performer's presentation and his ability to create product awareness and goodwill that is the unique aspect of these robot characters," added John.

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